SIG Beechcraft Staggerwing kit CL

Siimaohjattava lennokin rakennussarja

Kärkiväli: 457mm

Moottori: 0.8cc


SIG Beechcraft Staggerwing kit

Tuotenumero: SIGCL17
35,50 €Hinta
  • National C/L Scale winner Mike Stott has designed a neat 1/2A C/L semi-scale profile model of the classic Beechcraft Staggerwing. Simple construction and a generous amount of wing area combine to lower the wing loading. This results in outstanding flight performance.

    It takes off easily, grooves smoothly around the circle and handles effortlessly. Inverted flight, loops and other aerobatic maneuvers are routine with this beauty of a biplane.

    • Shaped Airfoil Wing
    • Molded Plastic Engine Cowling
    • Landing Gear
    • Step-by-Step Instructions
    • Authentic Decals
    • Wheels
    • Complete Hardware Package

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