FMS Ranger 1220mm Reflex-Gyro &Floats RTF


FMS valmistama hyvä aloittelevan lennättäjän valmis paketti.

Mukana Reflex-Gyro joka helpottaa lennättämisen opettelua.

Lennokin tiedot:

Kärkiväli: 1220mm

Pituus: 947mm

Lentopaino: 1200g

Lentoaika: noin 10min


Käyttöohje ENG

Ranger 1220mm Reflex-Gyro & Floats RTF

Tuotenumero: FMS111RF-REF
287,00 €Hinta
  • FMS Ranger 1220mm RTF - Now with built-in Reflex Stabilization!

    As the newest member of the FMS multi-purpose aircraft lineup, the 1220mm Ranger retains all of the fantastic features that pilots have come to expect from FMS- stable flight characteristics, easy to assemble airframe and realistic, general aviation inspired design. Built with ultralight EPO foam, the large, high-winged airframe configuration gives the Ranger low wing-loading and extraordinary amounts of lift, even at slow speeds. Robust plastic struts give extra strength to the wings during aerobatic maneuvers and the patented high-strength tricycle landing gear makes ground handling a breeze. A great aircraft is nothing without a great, dependable power system- FMS has equipped the Ranger with a 3136/1200KV outrunner motor with 20A Predator ESC, which allows the Ranger to climb almost vertically on demand! In the box, the Ranger comes with two sets of landing gears- a high-strength metal landing gear for ground operations and a pair of floats with an integrated rudder for water operations. Designed with a yellow and white high-visibility color scheme, the Ranger can always be easily orientated even in gloomy, overcast weather.Like the Super-EZ and the Kingfisher, the Ranger is designed with ease of assembly in mind. Requiring only 6 (wheeled landing gear) or 10 (floats) screws to completely assemble, the longest wait time is the time it takes to charge the battery!

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