Astra PRO Lähetinteline Spektrum lähettimille

Sopii DX6, DX7 G2 (musta), DX8 G2 (musta), DXe, DX6e, DX8e


RadioTray Spektrum

Tuotenumero: AK1001
134,00 €Hinta
  • ASTRA Pro Pult for Spektrum DX6/DX7 G2/DX8 G2/DXe/DX6e/DX8e

    The DX6, DX7 G2 (in black), DX8 G2 (in black), DXe, DX6e, and DX8e are designed exactly for the transmitters, and the transmitter in the console is well-assembled after assembly. Elegant design.

    Wonderful design
    The console design is tailored to provide the maximum comfort and ease of transportation. The strap holders are therefore fitted with a small hinge. By folding down the holders, you get a compact shape, suitable for transport and transport.


    • Neck Strap (AK1020)
    • Shoulder Strap (AK1021)

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