PowerBox Premium MICRO servojohto

  • Todella ohut 0.06mm2 (AWG30)
  • 30% kevyempi
  • paino vain 2g/m
  • Kestävä eriste

Pakkauksessa 10m

Premium MICRO servo johto10M

Tuotenumero: 1008/1000
18,50 €Hinta
    • 0.06mm² cross section (AWG 30)
    • 30% weight saving
    • only 2g/m
    • fire resistant
    • robust isolation
    • employed in full-size aviation
  • The Premium™ MICRO servo cable is the thinner variant, with a conductor cross-section of only 0.06mm². The Premium™ MICRO cable is the perfect choice for micro- and mid-size servos, lighting systems and F3A applications. With a weight of just 2g per metre, it is perfect for all models where every gramme counts. 

    This insulation produces a weight reduction of about 30% compared with the conventional PVC.

    The insulation is fire resistant, and its heat resistance is much higher than the usual PVC. 

    PowerBox Premium MICRO cable is available loose or in bundles. If you need different lengths, please contact us for a quote.

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