Upea iso Piper PA-18 Super Cub

Mittakaavassa 1:3.85

Kärkiväli 2.8m

Pituus 1.8m

Paino: noin 8-10kg

Moottori: 20-70cm3


Titan ZG20 moottorilla suorituskyky hyvin Scalemainen.

Piper PA-18 Super Cub 26%

730,00 €Hinta
  • Piper PA-18 Super Cub 26%

    The Piper is truly a multi purpose model. You can fly just like the full-size Piper with our Titan ZG 20 installed. That is if you have no ambition for glider towing, but you are satisfied with loops, rolls and stall turns. But you wish to be able to tow gliders, then the Titan ZG 38SC is a better choice. With the 38 you can fly positive as well as negative figures with power to spare. Knife edge flying is unlimited. You can fly around with an almost fully throttled back engine, the model is then extremely quiet. Use a 20x10 propeller, this is the scale size. Should you wish to tow sailplanes that are more than 7 kg then the 45 is the engine. Fit the Titan ZG 62SL and with a 16 kg sailplane hanging on the line, is in a couple minutes close under the cloud base. But with the 62 you should only use full throttle whilst towing, otherwise the Piper roars around the sky ruining any scale effect. 
    If you like the superb sound of an four-stroke engine, the Valach VM 60 S1-4T is the right choice.

    The construction is conventional stripwood and sheeting, making for a very robust model, which is at the same time light in weight. The wings are in two halves. The UC is identical to the full size, being sprung with rubber shock cord which is a great deal better than springs, because the rubber has a very good dampening effect. The fully sprung and steerable tailwheel makes taxiing the model a pleasure. The motor cowl is made of very tough epoxy/ glass and not a rather brittle plastic like ABS. With the Piper PA-18 the fuselage sides are parallel right to the firewall this is due to the wider cowl. Apart from the cowl the two fuselages are identical from behind the second former. 

    The complete kit, and by this we mean it really is all there in that plain brown box, right down to the last screw and nut. You have only to provide the adhesives and covering material to complete the airframe. Epoxy/glass cowl, CNC machined ribs, spindle moulded leading edges and wing struts, landing gear legs and shock absorbers ready silver soldered, preformed wire parts, formed steel strip for struts, ball joints, control wire, all rudder horns, hinges, screws, nuts and washers. Even the tiny nails for the windscreen, ball joint screw driver, wheels and tank and toughened windscreen material. Rolled full-size plans with detailed Instructions and an additional CAD plan printout for the wings for precise wing construction.




    • Scale: 1:3.85 
    • Wingspan: 2.8 m (110 in) 
    • Lenght: 1.8 m (71 in) 
    • Wing area 1.14 m2
    • All up weight: 8-10 kg 
    • Wing loading: 70-88 g/dm2
    • Engine: 20-70 cm3

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