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Oracolor 100ml oratex Cub keltainen

Soveltuu hyvin ORATEXin maalaamiseen

Oracolor on polttoaineenkestävä (nitro ja bensa)

Vaati Oracolor kovettajan

Oracolor 100ml ORATEX cub yellow

SKU: 110-030
  • ORACOLOR® ORATEX® paints are an exact colour match to all ORATEX® products.

    ORACOLOR® base coat is a highly concentrated 2-component paint. Depending on the intended application technique, ORACOLOR® can be either mixed with the HARDENER FOR SPRAYING or the HARDENER FOR BRUSHING. The mixing ratio is 2 parts base coat to 1 part hardener for spraying or hardener for brushing respectively. By adding the hardener you automatically achieve the correct consistency of the paint for spraying or brushing. Completely cured, ORACOLOR® is FUEL PROOF and CAN BE IRONED ON.

    Contents: 100 ml

    2-component paint

    Mixing ratio in ml: 1:2 (hardener:paint)

    Not suitable for surfaces not resistant to organic solvents.