12 kanavainen kaksioisvastaanotin sekä gyro 3 akselilla samassa pakkauksessa.

Helppo ohjelmoida, sisäänrakennettu virranhallinta 35A


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1 Wingstabi  RX-12-DR incl. Akkuw. 35A

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Multiplex WINGSTABI RX-12-DR pro M-LINK incl Akkuw. 35A

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  • The large 3-axis gyroscope system for all RC-surface models
    The proven WINGSTABI technology for high demands with 12 servo outputs and an integrated battery switch 35 A output current.

    The integrated receiver solution for MULTIPLEX M-LINK users, we offer the latest state of the RX-DR pro M-LINK technology. This innovative technology packaged in a designer housing use made of anodized aircraft aluminum.

    The extended WINGSTABI software 1.2.8 allows:
    - New flap control: up to 6 flaps wings and spoilers
    - model templates for most MPX models - very comfortable!
    - Servo Match function
    - New mixer and control settings
    - Many improvements in ease of use

    - 3-axis gyro system (MEMS) for all surface models
    - 12 servo outputs
    - for each servo function is freely assignable to fit into every model application
    - Power Match Function: Assigning a function multiple servos with individual servo ways
    - complete any position
    from WingStabi makes - any simple remote control, a Freiprogramierung high end RC system
    - Programmable via PC and APP (smartphone and tablet on Android based)
    - 4 flight phases: 1. Off / second stabilization for flying in the wind / 3rd aerobatics and 3D flight / 4. torquing
    - Natural & realistic flight feeling despite full stabilization
    - despite extreme control, the model does not feel like a robot
    - sensitivity of the 3-axis adjustable separately or in common via the transmitter.
    - MEMS sensors of the latest generation
    - Delta mixer & V-tail mixer & boot support
    - Real-time sensor diagram in the PC software
    - Design anodized aircraft aluminum with integrated cooling fins and screw eyes
    - via external switch controllable (on / off). Mechanical switch and magnetic switch from the MPX range
    - strain relief / vibration protection for the battery connector
    - for all common RC systems (Graupner, Futaba, Spectrum, M-Link, Jeti, HiTEC, JR, Weantronic)
    - Integrated Battery switch with 35 A output current
    - In WingStabi with receiver saves space, weight and money. Minimizes error sources and brings security
    - integrated with M-Link has all the features of MULTIPLEX DR-pro receiver, including telemetry..

    HOLD / FAIL-SAFE function
    Telemetry / Feedback channel capability
    Integral sensor interface for connecting external sensor modules (max. 16)
    Integral error counter / data logger
    voltage and signal errors indicated by separate LEDs
    Integrated PC interface

    Thanks to the latest MEMS sensors the feeling of flight is very realistic, even with extreme control.

    battery switch
    The WingStabi Pro can be supplied directly, or through suitable voltage regulator or BECs by up to two batteries. The extremely high performance potential of the WingStabi Pro assumes the batteries or BEC to be used with appropriate capacity. The continuous output is 35A, the peak power, however, is many times higher. The power supply (max. Two batteries ...) is connected with the MPX plugs directly to the Wingstabi Pro. In use, the battery / MPX connection with the higher voltage is always loaded. If both voltages exactly the same, both ports are equally loaded. Both ports operate separately from each other, so it is possible types of batteries / power supplies to use a different capacity, number of cells, type. If only one battery / connection used this can be connected to BATT1 or BATT2. The integrated safety clips to the battery terminals provide a vibration-proof connection of the MPX plug.

    The MULTIPLEX WINGSTABI is designed and built in Germany. Quality Made in Germany!

    Helpful FAQ Videos WINGSTABI:
    Initial Configuration:
    See FAQ video 1!

    SRXL setting:
    FAQ video 2 movie!


    Click here for the smartphone app!


    1x WINGSTABI RX-12-DR pro M-LINK
    4x Dämpfungstülle with screw and tubular rivets, for fixing the model
    1x USB cable
    1x manual
    1x bow sticker Wingstabi

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