Multiplex Vario/korkeus sensori M-LINK vastaanottimille.

Pieni, kevyt ja edullinen variometri joka toimii yhdessä M-LINK vastaanottimien kanssa (ei Light)


Multiplex Vario/ korkeus sensori M-LINK

Tuotenumero: 85416
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  • Leveys: 20mm

    Korkeus: 9mm

    Pituus: 31mm

    Paino: 10g

    Yhteensopivuus: M-LINK

    Telemetria: Kyllä

  • Sensor, the altimeter and Vario in one device

    Extremely small, light and inexpensive because compared to conventional devices, no separate radio link is required. The Vario / altimeter fits in virtually any model fuselage. Data such as altitude, ascent and descent rate and maximum height are displayed directly on your transmitter. The sound output of rise and fall can be switched on at the transmitter via freely assignable switches are turned off, the acoustic output of the set alarms remain active. Not just a tool for glider pilots for finding thermals and updrafts, but also to tow pilot. The F-drag an audio signal can be carried out after reaching a set height.

    The MULTIPLEX MSB sensor is designed and built in Germany. Quality Made in Germany!

    MSB MULTIPLEX Sensor Bus
    • Intelligent sensors with sensor-bus system (MSB)
    • Up to 16 sensors can be connected in series
    • No additional sensor box required

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