Multiplex TEK-Vario + TAS Sensori

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Multiplex TEK-Vario + TAS (TrueAirspeed) Sensori

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  • Leveys: 25mm

    Korkeus: 19mm

    Pituus: 38mm

    Paino: 44g

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  • TEK stands for Total Energy compensated.
    The innovative Total Energy Compensated (TEK) Vario function, as well as the precision velocity measurement (TAS) make the TEK-Vario - TAS sensor a must for ambitious sailing / aerobatic pilots.
    The total energy compensation allows you now that (the "pull" or "push") almost hide "stick thermals", and even easier to search and more precise thermal and find. Particularly advantageous is the individual variable to the model and pilot need adjustable compensation force, it can transfer the MULTIPLEX launcher, or else easily be adjusted while flying over the transmitter (by means of an associated any servo channel slider). The TEK-Vario - TAS sensor uses a so-called precision Prandtl tube as a sensor, characterized the sensor is also capable of the real speed (TAS - true airspeed) to capture your model in the air. In contrast to conventional speed measurement by GPS "above ground"
    The TEK-Vario-TAS sensor is characterized by a number of innovative features:
    • measuring the sinking / raising rate over precision TEK-Vario / altitude sensor.
    • Adjustable TEK effect.
    • Measurement of real flow velocity on back pressure.
    • measuring the actual height above ambient pressure.
    • Automatic calibration of the TEK-Vario sensor, the level sensor and the speed of measurement.
    • Automatic adjustment of the speed measurement to the Altitude
    -dependent air density, this enables a proper display of speed regardless of the altitude.
    • Adjustable alarm threshold for maximum speed, stall (stall warning).
    • Adjustable alarm threshold for the minimum height, maximum height, maximum rate of descent.
    • Adjustable integration time of the Varios.
    • Adjustable suppression of self-sinking.
    • Easy to use and update on the MULTIPLEX Launcher.


    TEK Vario with true airspeed sensor
    Prandtl tube, 2 x 2.5 m connecting hose

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