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  • MULTIPLEX SAFETY SWITCH High Voltage (HV) switch cables are the solution for the safety-conscious model pilot. The receiver battery (4 - 6 cells NiXX or LiXX 2S) is connected directly to the SAFETY SWITCH board. The switching function is assumed vibration-proof and resilient high-performance FETs and thus are characterized by very low internal resistance is very low power losses.
    As an ON / OFF switching element serves a conventional mechanical slide switch. The operating status is very easy to see. If a defect in the slide switch or the connection lines occur, the electronics ensures that the last active switching state (ON / OFF) is maintained. That is, even if abvibriert the switch cable during flight, the receiver circuit remains switched on and thus the receiving system operational. With telemetry facilities M-LINK receivers consists in the TwinBatt models, the ability to monitor both receivers battery voltages at the transmitter.
    The plus points:
    • Small and light, suitable for many applications
    • 2S LiPo compatible and wear-free
    • total immunity to vibration modern SMD technology
    • 6 or 12 A continuous load capacity
    • Gold-plated, high-quality connectors and large conductor cross-sections for maximum contact security and minimal transfer resistance

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