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Multiplex RTF Funman (mode 2+4)

Aloittelevalle lennättäjälle sopiva valmis paketti.

Sivu- ja korkeusperäsin ohjaus sekä moottori, taitojen karttuessa helppo asentaa siivekeohjaus (aileron upgrade kit #65164) ja voit harjoitella perus taitolentoa.



Aloittelijalle sopivat lentoominaisuudet

Pieni ja kompakti koko

Optiona siivekkeet

Optiona kellukkeet

Lentoaika 8-10 minuuttia (3S 950mAh)



95% valmiiksi rakennettu ELAPOR lennokki, sisältää moottorin PERMAX BL-0 2830-1100, nopeudensäädin MULTIcont BL-20 SD, potkurin 8x5", 2 servoa Nano-S, vastaanottimen RX-5 M-Link ID7, akku Li-BATT FX3/1-950, Lähetin SMART SX M-Link, Laturi MultiCharger L-703 EQU 230V, tarrat sekä ohjeet

Multiplex RTF Funman (mode 2+4)

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  • Promotion to the training class !?

    The high-wing with the big wheels will start on almost every meadow. To control quickly in the air and safely, thanks to its forgiving flight characteristics. Equipped as standard with rudder, elevator and motor control. Fun right makes the optional ailerons upgrade kit (# 65164) .Damit can train fun!


    • Beginners righteous flight characteristics with great fun factor
    • Incredibly compact and robust
    • Optional ailerons upgrade kit (# 6 5164)
    • Optional float kit (# 73 3069)
    • Flight time is about 8-10 min (3S ~ 950 mAh)

    Test immediately and free!
    Here you test the MULTIPLEX ELAPOR models always the first in the free RC flight simulator: Multiflight
    download the same ...


    ELAPOR® model built 95% complete, including brushless drive motor PERMAX BL-O
    2830-1100, controller MULTIcont BL-20 SD, MPX-propeller 8 "x 5", 2 servos Nano-S,
    RX-5 M- LINK ID 7, drive battery Li-BATT FX 3 / 1-950 (M6), transmitter SMART
    SX M-LINK, the transmitter batteries, MultiCharger L-703 EQU 230 V, including decoration
    and detailed instructions.


    Model character: power models
    Material: Elapor
    Level: 2 Hobby
    span in mm: 1010
    RC functions: SR / HR / engine / option QR
    -up weight electric in grams: 580
    Flight time in minutes: 10
    Total surface area loading grams per square decimeter: 26
    Total surface area in square decimeter: 22
    battery types / cells: 3S LiPo
    construction in min .: 15