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MULTIPLEX FunCub XL monikäyttöinen ylätasoinen taitolentoon taipuva hupilennokki.


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Multiplex RR FunCub XL

SKU: 264331
  • Materiaali: Elapor

    Taso: 3

    Kärkiväli: 1700mm

    RC toiminnot: korkeus, sivu, moottori ja siiveke, laipat, optiona hinauskoukku ja lastiruuma

    Lentopaino: 2850 g

    Lentoaika: noin 6 min

    Akku: 6S (2x3200mAh) LiPo

    Rakennusaika: noin 25min

  • Better than fun - great fun!

    The FunCub XL from MULTIPLEX was developed as a large multifunctional high-wing aerobatic drag fun flyer. The XL has incredible short takeoff and landing characteristics and with their large, soft tundra tires on almost any terrain and can be used anywhere. The kit will inspire you with its high degree of prefabrication. You will require a remote control from 7 channels, a matching receiver, six servos Hitec HS-225 BB, the MULTIPLEX power set "FunCub XL" and two 3S LiPo 3200 mAh. The ELAPOR® model has many fine details, like the very elegant LED covers for the optional lighting with the POWER Multi Light (# 7 3030) - a real eye-catcher, a drag clutch included as standard, the big chute for a matching parachutists (# 852004) is available. If you want to use all additional functions, you should have a remote control with at least 10 channels. Of course, a decent swimmer Set (# 733098) in FunCub XL format is also available.
    The FunCub XL flies with extreme precision and grow up! We have her large control surfaces, plenty of power and very balanced flight characteristics missed, so that vertical climbs, aerobatic flights with knife, and even torque rolls are possible! With extravagant design solutions, the FunCub XL stands out and sets new standards in its class. A considerably high strength hull by "M-Frame Technology", stable and lightweight carbon tubes (CFK) in the wings, offset flap and a very quick and easy upgrade of the model - thanks brace with quick.


    • Kit with a high degree of prefabrication
    • pre-cut decal sheet
    • incredibly big fun factor by many additional functions
    • extremely precise and adult flight behavior
    • Offset landing flaps for steep descents and short takeoffs
    • off-road ability by huge, soft wheels
    • High-strength hull by "M-Frame technology"
    • Strong and lightweight carbon-Rohe (CFRP) in the wings
    • Low minimum speed
    • suitable for towing gliders (eg Heron size)
    • Split surfaces, characterized friendly transport
    • powerful drive set (# 33 2610) available
    Test immediately and free!
    Here you test the MULTIPLEX ELAPOR models always the first in the free RC flight simulator: Multiflight
    download the same ...


    ELAPOR® model built 95% complete, including drive motor Permax BL-O 4235 to 0480,
    regulators MULTIcont BL-60 SD, propeller 15x8 ", 6 servos Hitec HS-225BB, an applied
    decorative and detailed instructions.