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ROXXY BL D35-50-1150kV (700w)

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  • Leveys: 35mm

    Pituus: 50mm

    Paino: 152g

    kierros per voltti: 1150

    Akseli: 4mm

    Jännite: 7-20V

    Watti: 700

    Suositeltu kennomäärä: 2-5S LiPo

  • 14 BL-pole external rotor motor with a diameter of 35 mm

    ROXXY ® brushless motors with neodymium magnets are modern electric drives. Especially with external rotor motors that require no gearbox, are high-torque motors with high efficiency over a broad performance spectrum. The special construction can external rotor motors without gears, driving large propellers.

    Making it ideal for direct drive.

    • High Efficiency Maximum copper fill and high-quality neodymium magnets.
    • Smooth running thanks to large precision ball bearings
    • Mounting possible on both sides

    Third ball bearings
    The ROXXY ® BL-external rotor motors of the series D and CA are equipped with triple ball bearings. In order to improve the concentricity and precision, a third, so-called is
    a thin-ring ball bearings. This prevents distortion of the motor housing under load and ensures smooth running.

    Suitable for:  
    E-gliders up 3200 g
    Scale and sport, 2500 g
    Aerobatics and 3 to 1800 g


    Matching propellers, see the ROXXY ® -MOT Prop Finder under "Downloads".


    engine; Motor mount; propeller; Kleinteilesatz

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