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Multiplex Profi 16 Master edition

16 kanavainen lähetin

200 mallin muisti

Upea hiilikuitukuosi viimeistely


Toimitus sisältää:

PROFI TX 16 lähettimen

Lähetin akku LiFe04 4000mAh

WINGSTABI RX-16-DR pro M-Link vastaanottimen 

USB johdon


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MULTIPLEX PROFI TX16 M-Link Set, Master edition

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  • Masterpiece
    special series with new software the MULTIPLEX 16-channel premium console station PROFI TX 16 - Made in Germany.

    The Luxurious Features of the set:
    The transmitter with extravagant carbon look and new and pioneering software, the 16-channel receiver, including 35 A battery switch and WINGSTABI technology in anodized aircraft aluminum housing.

    The software of the Master Edition is faster and better than any predecessor and takes less than 2ms for all calculations!

    Some features include:
    12 Flight phases 11 Encoder with selectable functionality, teacher / student mode with individual switches, neutral compensation mix function 9Punkt curves for mixer inputs, power curves either via 2-3-5-9 points, new templates MultiCopter and WINGSTABI and much more (see below).

    The PROFI TX transmitter has a wide range, flexible adjustment for all model types such as sailors, motor planes, jets, helicopters, Multicopter, vehicles and boats.

    • Elegant, optimized transmitter tray design
    • integrated carrying handle (optional hand rests available)
    • High quality finish with extravagant Carbonoptik- and pleasant soft-touch surface

    IOAT (Integrated Optimized Antenna Technology)
    Fully integrated transmitter antenna with application-optimized radiation for more safety and
    comfort. No terminating, wear subject and be aligned in operation protruding

    Proven M-LINK transmission technology: safe, precise, fast
    • Transmission Technology: 2.4 GHz FHSS
    • Resolution: 3872 steps
    • Transmission rate: 21 ms (up to 16 channels)
    • all-digital signal processing for minimal latency, max. Control precision
    • 16 equivalent and -fast, fully proportional channels

    Telemetry / channel capability
    • Display of 16 values / sensors, with Min./Max.Werte-Speicher
    • sensor values with its own name providable (for best overview example ( "residual charge battery",
    "power engine", "voltage ECU", "Temp.Zylinder")
    • Adjustable sink rate for vertical speed
    • sound or vibration alarm values are exceeded
    • ECU status message in writing
    • Lighted alert bar

    Modern LiFePO4 transmitter battery
    • operating time:> 24 h
    • Integrated charger in the transmitter with the most modern, intelligent battery management
    (display of the remaining time, capacity, charge cycles, current, battery alarm set
    for the remaining air time)
    • charging via mini USB -connection
    • High quality finish
    • 100% quality control
    • Innovative and modern flex circuit board system for minimal wiring effort
    and little connectors for minimized risk and long life
    • Rain protection for main board by silicone mat in the keyboard and other
    actuators and sealed LCD

    Perfect ergonomics individually adaptable
    • rotatable by ergonomically adjustable double ball-bearing
    high-precision stick (free, simple mode conversion, detent or frictional selectable
    stick restoring force adjustable)
    • optimally achievable, laterally disposed slide (proportional control)
    • 2 slide in the middle (proportional control with great way for sensitive operation)
    and "mechanical memory"
    • Digital trims with activity favorable arrangement
    • free installation of switches, buttons, rotary encoders, above and sideways possible
    • stick tops optionally with switches or buttons optional

    Large 5.8 "LCD monitor
    • large, foldable and look favorably located at the front
    • very good contrast and excellent readability in all daylight conditions
    • low power consumption for max. Transmitter operating time
    • UV-resistant and anti-reflective

    sound and vibration
    • Programmable speech in three languages (D, F, S) with 500 different
    Words, numbers and complete sentences
    • high-quality built-in speakers
    installed • jack for optional earphone # 8 5071
    • High sound quality eg for accurate reproduction of Vario tones
    • vibrating alarm for telemetry alarms
    • Speech

    Easy programming
    • Operation via keyboard (menu direct access) and central 3D wheel
    • self-explanatory, clear full-text menus
    • menu languages: DE, EN, FR
    • predefined, customizable any model templates for quick and easy
    programming of new models (eg Basic, Multirotor, 4-valve sailors,
    Delta / flying wing, helicopter mechanic, helicopter CCPM, electric helicopter with Govenor mode,
    Heli Flybarless, Multicopter, vehicles, ships)

    • Completely free servo channel assignment
    • Completely free transmitter controls and switches Assignment
    • Flexible mixer structure for complex mixing requirements for surface models
    (7 different , as often assignable servo mixers per model with 8
    switchable parts per mixer 12 options curve mixer up to 9-point curves)
    • 12 phases of flight, sorted into 3 groups of 4 phases.
    • New flight phase name: START3, SPEED3, THERMIK3
    • teacher / student mode with individual switches, neutral compensation, mixing function
    • 11 donors with a freely selectable functionality:
    - suspension sequencer
    - Door sequencer
    - sequencer for Ausfahrmotor
    - multi-position switch (1 to 2 switch => 2 to 9 positions)
    - 9-point curve
    - centrifugal
    • Cross / amount / page as a virtual switch, with adjustable switching points.
    • toggle function for all mechanical switches and buttons.
    • Time and timers are always announced via freely assignable switch.
    • About Magic Switch any sensors may be used as a switch.
    • A new sensor class with the unit 'g', for load factor, was introduced.
    • Advanced Sensor announcements.
    • aileron, elevator, page: signals without trim (-T) now also run on Expo, D / R and path.
    • For aerobatics can be switched to a particularly steep, "extreme" Expo curve.
    • Gas / Pitch: 9P curves
    • Gas emergency stop with enhanced functionality
    • Slow and delay times were on 12sec doubled
    • 9Pkt curves for mixing parts
    • copilot channels, and direct all Mixoptionen, admixed
    • Servo curves optionally via 2-3- 5-9 points
    • Copilot channels servo-side directly attributable
    • New template MultiCopter
    • New template WINGSTABI
    • New "Safety check", with enhanced functionality
    • suppressing sensor alarms for 5 seconds after switching on the receiver
    • 2 Magic switches for configuring Doorsequencern and other.
    • Firmware upgradeable, thus future-proof

    • 3 timers
    • model operating time counter for each model memory
    • model operating time counter for each model memory
    • snack Alarm /

    Mini USB connection
    load • transmitter battery and PC interface at the same time, required mini-USB cable included
    • PC interface PROFI TX announces itself as a mass storage with folders for firmware update and
    model data, thus operating system independent (Windows, Mac, ... compatible)
    • Direct model data transmission from transmitter to transmitter via USB in preparation
    • Quick Start (pre-programmed models of MPX program)
    • Simulator mode (transmitter logs directly as game controllers)

    are stored in the PROFI TX and (data via USB cable to PC, MAC or tablet
    represented, updates about MPX Launcher)
    • Operating Instructions

    Helpful FAQ Files
    : data transfer to the PC
    View FAQ video 1!

    Software update:
    FAQ video 2 movie!


    stations PROFI TX 16 with 16 channels and 200 model memories, extended with 4 switches and
    2 Digi-adjusters, LiFePO4 transmitter battery 4000 mAh, WINGSTABI RX-16-DR per M-LINK including
    battery switch 35 A, 1 USB cable, 1 USB charge cable