Multiplex MULTImate

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Multiplex MULTImate

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  • The convenient tool for setting and programming work on MULTIPLEX products such as receiver controllers or servos.

    In the living room, hobby room or on the airfield, which is often somewhat cumbersome programming method, for example by means of regulators throttle stick, and the use of a PC or laptop, finally fell. With MULTImate MULTIPLEX M-LINK and SYNTH receiver can be set, programmed many MULTIPLEX digi 5 and HiTECDigital servos set of parameters MULTIcont BL-XXRegler and M-LINK sensors are configured. Also integrated is a servo tester with manual and automatic mode. This can also be operated without receiver and transmitter all current RC components.

    In addition MULTImate also has a pulse length knife. You can measure as the servo pulse length in microseconds and check whether your receiver outputs are programmed correctly. The 2 x 16 character LCD screen includes software controlled contrast is easy to read by the switchable backlight even in bright surroundings. The operation was based on the proven philosophy of our COCKPIT SX. Selection and settings of the menu items via the 3-D digi-adjuster. The display texts lead you intuitively through the menu. As a display languages ​​are German and English via menu selection. The design of the device is designed to be efficient and ergonomic operation. So MULTImate to be held by the symmetrical shape of both left- and right well.
    With a PC interface cable optional (# 8 5149 USB or # 8 5150 serial) and to free updates from our website remains the MULTImate any time on the current software version. Thus, MULTImate future-proof and equipped for new receivers, servos and controllers generations and other equipment from the MULTIPLEX today.

    The following types of devices can be programmed with MULTImate currently:
    MULTIPLEX M-LINK receiver

    • the error count memory separately by type of error read
    • FAIL-SAFE activated separately for each servo
    • FAIL-SAFE and HOLD times set
    • alarm threshold set receiver battery voltage
    MULTIPLEX "RX-SYNTH IPD "receivers
    MULTIPLEX" RX-SYNTH M-PCM "receivers
    • the error count memory separately by type of error (signal, field strength, low voltage error) read
    • Error counters configure
    • FAIL-SAFE separately for each servo enable
    • FAIL-SAFE and set hold times
    • Display RF channel (Synth IPD receiver) or adjusting (M-PCM receiver)
    • display of the receiver type and software version
    • reset to factory settings
    motor controller MULTIcont BL-XX
    • setting battery type / undervoltage shutdown (Lipo, NiXX)
    • brake (on, off)
    • rotation reversal
    • When controller MULTIcont BL- XX S-BEC in addition:
    - (reduce power on or off hard motor) undervoltage shutdown
    - motor startup characteristics (normal, soft)
    - automatic timing (on / off)
    - clock frequency (8, 16 kHz)
    - Governor mode (speed control for helicopters on / off)
    MULTIPLEX digi 5 and HiTEC digital servos (which can communicate with the programmer HFP-10/20)
    • Servo rotation reversal
    • servo positioning speed
    • servo dead zone
    • FAIL-SAFE (on, off, FAIL-SAFE position)
    • servo travels (left, right) and center
    • reset to factory settings
    • Overload Protection (OLP)
    MULTIPLEX telemetry sensors
    • configuration of sensors
    - addressing: order of display on the transmitter
    - activated additional values: for example, minimum / maximum ...
    - threshold values for the audible alarm adjustable: the undershooting or overshooting of threshold values can be signaled acoustically by the transmitter.
    • "Stand alone" - operation of the sensors. Thus, from MULTImate a measuring device

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