Multiplex LiPo Testeri

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Leveys : 34 mm
Korkeus : 11 mm

Pituus : 54 mm
Painot : 0.016 kg

Multiplex LiPo testeri

Tuotenumero: 1-00957
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  • Much more than just a LiPo-Checker: 3 devices in one!

    Lithium Battery tester + Ortungspiepser + voltage warning
    • Battery tester
    It can display the voltage of each cell of the lithium polymer battery and gives the remaining capacity of the battery as a percentage. Via the lateral LEDs you get in seconds the information if the battery is full, half full or empty.
    • beeper / Model Finder
    via the integrated sensor detects the Lithium Battery Checker, whether the model is in motion, or somewhere. On the set threshold, an acoustic signal can be output so after 1 minute of downtime, so that one finds his model in the high grass or off the airfield.
    • Low voltage warning
    The Lithium Battery Checker can remain in the model in flight and, upon reaching the set threshold of the cell voltage (default is 3.50 volts) an acoustic and visual warning. So can be easily detected with a flyby of the model, if the battery runs out soon.

    Info display
    Various display ads, you can get lots of information about the battery at a glance: total voltage, remaining capacity, cell drift and cell state.
    Suitable for all lithium batteries
    for either hand:
    In the settings menu, the display of the display can be rotated to adjust the use.

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