HSD Cessna 182 PNP 6S

Upea 2m kärkiväli, sisältää paljon skaalamaisia yksityiskohtia.

PNP, Plug and Play, lisää vain oma vastaanotin ja 6S 5000-6000mAh Lipo akku sekä 2S 2000-3000mAh LiPo akku radiolaitteille.


Kärkiväli: 2000mm

Pituus: 1586mm

Lentopaino: noin 5kg



HSD Cessna 182 6S PNP

Tuotenumero: HSDCESSNA182
421,00 €Hinta
  • HSD-Jets Cessna 182, 2000mm - 6S PNP

    HSD Jets have already impressed us with their next level foam EDF Jets. Now this propeller plane, a classic Cessna 182 is ready to impress us as well.

    It has 2m wingspan and features some nice scale details, for example the 6-sided transparant cabin, cockpit lay out, wing tip LED’s...

    And of course, it has the next level foam quality we expect now from HSD! It is plug and play, which means high quality equipment are already installed for you.

    This leaves only the effort to put in a receiver, RX battery & motor battery and… you are ready to go catch the eyes at the field!

    Version with MFC-2065 control board for reliable power distribution, proper cable management and extra possibilities.

    Check out the pictures for more interesting features!

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