Futaba HPS-A700 High Performace Airplane Servo.

Futaban kaikkein aikojen voimakkain servo.

HV, S.BUS/S.BUS2, metalli rattaat...

Käyttöjännite: 6-7.4V

Nopeus: 0.12s/60° @7.4V - 0.15s/60° @6V

Voima: 74kg/cm @7.4V - 63kg/cm @6V

Mitat: 40.5 x 21 x 39.4mm

Paino: 82g



HPS-A700 Airplane Servo 74kg 0.12s HV/S.BUS2

Tuotenumero: FPHPS-A700
206,00 €Hinta
  • Futaba HPS-A700 - High Performance Airplane Servo

    A new all purpose high performance servo for big airplanes. The new Futaba HPS-A700 is the strongest airplane servo that Futaba has ever made with an impressive 74kg of torque (@ 7.4V). Additionally the A700 uses a new HPS brushless motor that is developed to draw the least current possible and produce very little heat.


    • Will replace the earlier BLS172SV & BLS177SV servos
    • HPS Brushless Digital Motor 
    • Aluminium Case
    • Metal Gears (top gear is stainless)
    • Ball Bearings
    • Water & Dust Protection
    • Low-wear potentiometer
    • HV (High Voltage)
    • S.BUS/S.BUS2 compatible
    • Operating Voltage: 6-7.4V
    • Speed: 0.12s/60° (@ 7.4V) - 0.15s/60° (@ 6V)
    • Torque: 74kg/cm (@ 7.4V) - 63kg/cm (@ 6V)
    • Size: 40.5 x 21 x 39.4 mm
    • Weight: 82g

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