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Hitec SMARTcharger H4 Plus


12V 4-lataus max. 16A


Hitec SMARTcharger H4 Plus

SKU: 114129
  • Leveys: 163mm

    Korkeus: 52mm

    Pituus: 205mm

    Paino: 1.16kg

    Syöttöjännite: DC 11 - 18V

    Akkutyypit: LiPo, Li-lon, LiFe, LiHV, NiMH, NiCd, Pb

    Kennomäärät: LiXX 1-6, 1-16NiXX

    Purkuvirta: Max 4A

    Balanseri: XH

    Balanseri virta: max 450mA


  • 12 V 4-loader with max. 16 A

    The high-performance charger of the upper class in the elegant aluminum design, a new easy- to-read graphics display to indicate the charging curves and the four microprocessor controlled charging ports with integrated balancers that HiTEC make H4 Plus the perfect charger for all ambitious pilots of model aircraft, helicopters, cars and boats electric drive. Also, the function model construction benefits from the four parallel operating charging ports, each of which provides a power of 150 watts, a maximum current of 8 A,.
    The four load outputs can also be connected in pairs to obtain two 300 Watt (2x 16 A) or a 300 Watt and 150 Watt two outputs.
    A special feature of this charger is also up high-precision internal resistance measurement of each individual cell in lithium batteries.
    This versatility, along with the high system reliability through a host of safety features and an upgrade path to the HPP-22 PC interface, making this charger to an absolute "must" on the model of use or model cellar. As with all Hitec charging bones, can also use the H4 all current battery types such as lithium, NiCad / NiMH or lead acid batteries, charge.

    - 4-way high-power charger of the upper class
    - Automatic charging output detection
    - design aluminum housing
    - 32bit microprocessor
    - 128x64 graphic display, backlit
    - 4x 150 watts; 2x 300 watts; 1x 300 Watt & 2x 150 watts;
    - HiTEC Channel Bridge function (channel combination)
    - Lithium batteries (LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion, LiHV)
    - NiMH, NiCd, PB lead-acid batteries
    - Li-xx storage charge (charging / discharging of storage voltage)
    - Ni-xx cyclic charging / unloading (10 cycles)
    - Integrated cell test (voltage level and capacity)
    - lithium batteries disposal charge
    - User assignable (12 characters)
    - optional temperature sensor
    - future-proof Updatebarkeit by Hitec programming adapter