MD250MW on digitaalinen, tarkka servo ilman potentiometriä. Servo toimii laajalla jännitevälillä (3.5-8.4V), teräksiset rattaat ja kahdet kuulalaakerit. Servo on ohjelmoitavissa


Hitec MD250MW

Tuotenumero: 1-00707
59,90 €Hinta
  • Valmistaja: Hitec

    Mitat: 35x15x33mm

    Paino: 31g

    Jännite: 3.5-8.4V(2S LiPo)

    Voima (4.8V): 4.9

    Voima (6V): 6.1

    Voima (7.4V):

    Voima (8.4V):

    Nopeus: 0.20s/60 astetta (ilman kuormitusta, 4.8V)

    Nopeus: 0.16s/60 astetta (ilman kuormitusta, 6V)

    Nopeus: 0.13s/60 astetta (ilman kuormitusta, 7.4V)


    Johdon pituus: 300mm

  • 15mm class!

    Not always can be mount with a servo in standard size, and the 12-13 mm servos are against non-durable and strong enough.
    The solution, a 15mm servo delivers enough power and yet is very light.

    Just over 30 grams brings this power on the scale while still delivering the latest technology.
    In addition to the known D-Series technology, which fully programmable makes the servo (details below),
    comes this power even with a magnetic encoder therefore.
    Ie precise contactless position recording, no wear, infinite life and the highest degree!

    What more do you need?
    A full metal housing is that the power does not make robust only heavy, certainly not.
    The MD250MW be used from 4.8 to 8.4 volts and therefore ideally suited for helicopters of the middle class, but best for airplanes where power and quick response of the rudder is needed. As wing servos for great sailors found this servo preferred his bet.
    And ~ 9,1kgcm force at 8.4 volts, it has a lot of power!

    • Magnetic Encoder / Hall sensor
    • Best available on the market resolution servo travel.
    • Finest response
    • programmable
    • High force
    • excellent holding power
    • Metal gears
    • 2 ball bearing MR106 / MR85
    • 25 splines for Servo Horn

    Programmable functions:
    • setting the end point (0 ° -180 °), neutral (standard ± 60 °)
    • adjusting the direction of rotation (clockwise / anti-clockwise)
    • Setting the dead zone
    • adjusting the speed (default 100%))
    • Setting Soft Start (Standard 20%)
    • setting the fail-safe function
    • setting the overload protection (standard of)
    • factory settings restored


    1x servo MD250MW with magnetic encoder (potilos)
    1x Befestigunsset (screws, eyelets and rubber grommets)
    1x servo lever (disc) M-O25 mounted
    1x Servohebel metal R-ML25 (catalog number 118719)
    1x Servohebel M-I25
    1x servo lever (cross) M- X25
    1x instructions

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