Suojaa potkurisi varastoinnin ja kuljetuksen aikana.

Huom. pakkakuksessa 1 kpl. 2-lapaiselle potkurille tarvitset 2kpl.

Sopii potkureille joiden pituus 30 tai 31 tuumaa.

Fiala Prop Protector 30-31"

8,80 €Hinta
  • Fiala Prop Protectors for props from 30" to 31"

    These Prop Protectors are specially made for the Fiala props and fit perfectly to the shape of the Fiala prop blades.

    The Fiala Prop Protectors  are lined with a soft inner, these serve very well to prevent transport damage, apart from being a dust jacket and an optical gag. In addition, there is a flexible loop on the inside, which holds the Prop Protector firmly on the propeller blade.

    As propellers come with a different number of blades, the Fiala Prop Protectors  are sold single. For a 2-blade prop, you have to order two Prop Protectors , for a 3-blade three pieces!

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