Saito FG-57TS Twin 4tahti bensiin moottori

  • Tilavuus: 57 cc
  • Moottorin paino: 2090 g 
  • Sytytysjärjestelmän paino: 170g
  • Aytytyatulppa: CM-6
  • Potkuri: 21x10"-23x11"
  • Kierrosluku: 1500-7000 rpm
  • Polttoaine: Bensiini + öljy (20:1)


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FG-57TS Twin 4-tahti bensiini moottori

Tuotenumero: SAFG-57TS
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  • Saito™ FG-57TS - Twin Gasoline Engine


    • Updated version of the Saito™ FG-57T, 57cc twin 4-stroke gas engine
    • Specially designed Walbro carburetor with rotating barrel
    • Redesigned engine mounting plate for easier installation
    • Engine heat sink for better cooling and performance through an aerobatic routine
    • 4-stroke sound Saito engines are famous for
    • Broader torque curve with gasoline fuel applications
    • Complete with electronic ignition, mufflers and engine standoffs

    The RC industry’s most reliable manufacturer of top-quality glow 4-stroke engines introduces the Saito™ FG-57TS gas engine. This engine is the updated model of the FG-57T gas engine and features lighter weight, a built-in heat sink, improved carb location and refined mounting arrangement. This engine is designed specifically for large models and performance airframes that can benefit from the weight loss. Above and beyond the advantages of a 4-stroke gas engine, this is the engine for those who like to run clean and efficient engines. Accompanied by the Saito power and precision craftsmanship, the distinguished look and sweet sound, this is the engine many of you have been waiting for.

    As an expert in reliable 4-stroke engines, Saito engineers spent years developing the best-built 4-stroke gas engine. The power-to-weight ratio of a Saito engine creates a one-of-a-kind flying experience. For serious modelers, the long awaited arrival of a lighter weight, high-quality, powerful and precision craftsmanship gas engine is here.


    • Displacement: 57 cc
    • Bore: 36 mm (x2)
    • Stroke: 28 mm (x2)
    • Carb Type: Walbro/Saito
    • Crankshaft Threads: 10 mm
    • Cylinder Type: Ringed, chromed aluminum
    • Cylinders: Twin
    • Engine (Only) Weight: 2090 g
    • Ignition Weight: 170 g
    • Muffler Type: Flexible tube (included)
    • Muffler Weight: 90 g
    • Oil Type & Content: 20:1 gas/oil ratio
    • Plug Type: CM-6 spark plug
    • Prop Range: 21x10 - 23x11
    • RPM Range: 1.500 - 7.000
    • Recommended Fuel: Gasoline
    • Total Weight: 2430 g

    Recommended gasoline fuel oil:

    • Klotz Original TechniPlate®
    • Klotz R/C Modelube®

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