DH.82A Tiger Moth kit 21% scale


You want to build a beautiful model like in the old days, from a kit containing everything needed in first class materials. This Tiger Moth kit is exactly what the doctor ordered for more mature modelers, who like to create something to be proud of.

DH.82A Tiger Moth

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  • Perhaps you have had enough of ARF models? Perhaps you have the feeling you would like to build a beautiful model like in the old days? From a kit containing everything you need in first class materials? If so, you should take a look at our 73" Tiger Moth. This is just what the doctor ordered for more mature model builders, who would like once again to build something to be proud of; a Tiger Moth that will give years of pleasure with every flight. 


    Toni and Roy Scott, Toni's partner in England at that time, originaly designed the 73" Tiger Moth in 1969 for a 10 cc two stroke. Although this Tiger is fairly large for a biplane, the 10 cc engine proved to be more than enough power. The reasons are the Tiger Moth's excellent aerodynamics and the low wing loading. 

    Today there is a wide range of four stroke engines from 10 to 20 cc that are suitable for this model. Due to their smoother running, 12 to 15 cc four stroke engines are the best choice. 




    Scale: 1:4.8 (21%) 
    Span: 1.86 m (73.2 in) 
    Length: 1.53 m (60.2 in) 
    Wing area: 1.05 m2 (1628 in2) 
    Weight: 4.5 - 6 kg (10 - 13 lbs) depending on motor and finishing. 
    Wing loading: 43 - 57 g/dm2 (14.15 - 18.4 oz./ft2


    Tiger Moth kit contents: 

    • Balsa and aircraft plywood wing ribs sanded to shape  
    • CNC-milled formers 
    • Balsa fuselage sides sanded to shape 
    • All strip wood, carefully checked for quality 
    • All other balsa, birch plywood and pine parts preshaped 
    • Kavan Fuel tank 
    • Wheels 
    • Instruments 
    • Scale oil tank 
    • Headguards in PU foam 
    • Vac formed windscreens 
    • Epoxy/Glass motor cowl 
    • Epoxy/Glass top wing tank 
    • Preformed wire parts 
    • Landing gear and tail skid preformed and silver solderd  
    • Nylon covered rigging wire and wire for control surfaces 
    • Rudder horns 
    • Full-size rolled plans 
    • 3-view scale drawing


    You have to buy glue and covering material to complete the airframe. 


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