Dalotel 1500 on pienennetty versio Hanno Prettnerin TOC voittaneesta taitolennokista. Esikuvana kaksipaikkainen ranskalainen taitolentokone.

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Kärkiväli: 1500mm

Pituus: 1320mm

Lentopaino: 3000g


Dalotel 1500mm ARF

Tuotenumero: PIC3736
325,00 €Hinta
  • Dalotel 1500 is the scaled down version of the legendary aerobatic model that enabled Hanno Prettner to win three titles out of a total of eight championships at the International Las Vegas Tournament of Champions (TOC). The original is a two-seat French aerobatic trainer, which has the ideal dimensions and lever arms for aerobatics.


    The goal was to combine the unique aerobatic flying characteristics with suitability for everyday use in a suitcase-sized size and also to enable perfect show flying characteristics for the most extreme maneuvers. The included retractable undercarriage improves the look and aerodynamics, especially for less well-designed drives, for enjoyable hobby flying.


    Developed jointly with Hanno Prettner, this Dalotel 1500 has been optimized for electrical purposes and manufactured using state-of-the-art timber construction. The new technical options such as laser-cut design, brushless motor, LiPo battery and electric retractable landing gear enable very good-natured flight and landing characteristics at a low flying weight. To maintain the charm, charisma and precision of this flight legend, that was our goal.


    Enlarged rudder areas and a long, quickly removable cockpit allow battery replacement and maintenance in seconds. Easy to transport thanks to removable wing halves. Optionally, this model can also be flown with a 55er 2-stroke glow starter or with a 4-stroke engine. For fans of the petrol engine, we offer the NGH GT-9, which is well suited for the Daotel.


    Dalotel 1500 - let yourself be inspired by the outstanding flying qualities of this Classic / Retro TOC Champion!



    Wingspan = 1500mm

    Length = 1320mm

    Wing Area = 00dm²

    Wing Loading = 00g/dm²

    Flying weight approx. = 3000g

    R/C Functions = Rudder, Elevator, Aileron, Motor / Engine

    Channels  / Servos = 6 / 4


    •  ARF Model Airplane
    • Made from select balsa and plywood
    • Expertly covered with printed PVC film
    • 2-pcs. main wing w/ aluminum wing tubing
    • Perfectly suited for electric brushless motor
    • Glow or gas can be installed if desired
    • Electric powered retracts
    • High Quality hardware
    • illustrated instructions

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