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1 Wingstabi  RX-9-DR

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  • Freely programmable 3-axis gyro system for all RC-surface models

    can be had at any time the perfect feeling about his model of the dream of every pilot. The WINGSTABI makes this possible and leaves beginners and professionals to be desired in terms of handling, setting and function openly. This groundbreaking innovation is unique to MULTIPLEX.


    • The WINGSTABI turns every simple remote control a programmable RC system
    • Trilingual Software: German, English, French
    • sensitivity of the 3-axis separately or together via the transmitter set
    can be • modification factor for each axis varies
    • 9 servo outputs
    • for each servo function is freely assignable and adapts thus to each model application
    • 4 flight phases:
    1. On / Off
    2. stabilization for flying in wind
    3. aerobatics and 3D flight
    4.Torquen (Rock'n roll of place)
    • delta mixer, V-tail mixer and flap support
    • flaps ailerons strengthen
    • Real-time sensor diagram in the PC software

    Thanks to the high-precision 3-axis MEMS sensors of the latest generation, the feeling of flying is realistic, even under severe control and does not create a robot to fly the impression. The installation position of the design housing made of anodized aircraft aluminum in the model is arbitrary. Easily and quickly can WINGSTABI use a PC or app on any Android-based smartphone or tablet.

    The WINGSTABI integrated in the housing M-LINK DR receiver including telemetry not only saves space and weight, but also minimizes errors. Extra safety!

    The MULTIPLEX WINGSTABI is designed and built in Germany. Quality Made in Germany!

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