Airbus A340 Short kit

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A340 Short kitista voidaan rakentaa seuraavat versiot:

Versio        Kärkiväli   Pituus       pinta-ala     Paino

A340-200  3770mm  3710mm  141,3dm2  19kg

A340-300  3770mm  3980mm  141,3dm2  19,5kg

A340-500  3970mm  4250mm  170,8dm2  21kg

A340-600  3970mm  4720mm  170,8dm2  22kg



Turbiinit: 2 x 80N (A340-200/300)

              4 x 40N (A340-200/300)

              2 x 90N (A340-500/600)

              4 x 45N (A340-500/600)



              4 x 110mm (A340-200/300)

              4 x 150mm (A340-500/600)


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Airbus A340 short kit

Tuotenumero: RauchA340
920,00 €Hinta
  • With exception of the number of engines the A340-200 and -300 are nearly identical to the A330-200 and -300. For the A340-500 and -600 not only span and fuselage length have been enlarged but also wing chord, horizontal stabilizer and engines. The A340-600 has one of the longest fuselages of all airliners in service worldwide. 379 planes of all versions have been built until production was terminated in 2011.

    Because of its size this modelplane requires a lot of time for building but the flight characteristics are phantastic. This plane is easy to fly and looks great in flight.