Tattu 4S 1050mAh 75C LiPo

Jännite: 14.8V

Kapasiteetti: 1050mAh

Energia: 15.5Wh.

Purkuvirta: 78A

Liitin: XT60

Johdot: 12AWG

Johtojen pituus: 100mm

Tasausliitin: JST-XH


Pituus: 73mm

Leveys: 35mm

Korkeus: 24mm

Paino: 123g

4S 1050mAh 75C

Tuotenumero: GATA75C10504S
22,50 €Hinta
  • Tattu 1050mAh 4S 75C 14.8V Lipo battery

    One of the TATTU new made FPV battery, lightweight, high discharge rate, small size, made perfectly fit for all the popular fpv frame in the field, vortex, drones, stay safe and high speed with all your flight.



    Gens Ace Tattu lipo's are a popular choice amongst drone pilots. For freestyle, racing or missions: the Tattu lipo's provide you the power you need thanks to their high energy density, long cycle life, easy and safety in use, quality and performance proved by industrial and commercial application. 



    • Net Weight (±10g): 123
    • Brand: Tattu
    • Capacity: 1050 mAh
    • Discharge Rate (C): 75C
    • Parallel (P): 1
    • Voltage: 4S (14.8V)
    • Length (±5mm): 73
    • Width (±5mm): 35
    • Thickness(±5mm): 24
    • Wire Gauge: 12#
    • Wire Length (C/D): 35mm/65mm
    • Connector Type: XT60
    • Balancer Connector Type: JST-XHR